#13 passengers

We share not emotions,

Being hoarded up miserly,

Instead we share moments,

Images impressed in time’s solitary motion,

Grateful for meeting sincerely, (oh but once)

For all ends in torment.


#12 passengers

Soft skin translucent in the night,

Writhes in rhythm to the beat of the heart;

Dry and wet, each in its own rhythm,

Intermingles and turns into the other;

Longing turns to joy and then to longing anew,

Under the cold light of the moon,

Beauty alone appears glimpsed barely,

Shy and unwilling at first,

Like the waxing moon;

Filling with vigour and grace,

Beautiful and breathless beyond compare;

Only longing remains unsated and that too passes,

With release colouring everything,

The waning moon is all that remains now,

The closeness becomes distant,

Nearness becomes a vast gulf,

Yet the intermittent warmth remains,

Leaping across the wide divide of a few inches,

Only flesh remains quivering,

Translucent under the moon’s pale light.


#11 Eight Haikus for the Monsoon

This wet monsoon’s slow day,

A frog croaks with bluster and cheer,

Rain falls heavy and soft.


Laughing wide amidst small adversity

I stand with Three-foot blade in hand,

Unflinching in the ending deluge.


The heavens break open wide,

Watery worlds come forth boisterous,

I remain under my umbrella.


Lightning arcs flash and flower,

Poor I, in this dark office floor,

Still work by inverter power.


Eyelids drooping from here anon,

Stark white screen unblinking with pouring rain,

I hate excel with rain.


Warm sun’s light comes down,

While I sigh indoors stuck without path,

For sun turns to rain.


Rain breathes life into life

I admire the fresh world with tears,

Why is my room so wet?


Monsoon’s days bring little joy.

Crimson spider lily proud in bloom

I kill my conscience softly.


#10 Sunflower

Do you remember that day?

When the sun kissed them flowers,

And the sky was as blue as the oceans deep;

Well, you’re out of luck,

Those days are long gone, passed by,

Leaving only shining towers,

Spires of crystal and stone,

Monuments to towering hubris and yearning,

Still a thousand spires of gold pale,

Next to a sunflower of burnished gold.


#08 Sleep

The dark dazzles with lights of white and gold,

I rest with joy, the dark encompassing all.

Light breaks the void, cracks form anew,

The dark chased, the stars gone, eyelids spread wide.

Damn the sun, I wanted to sleep for a moment more,

Within the dark and starry world hidden beneath eyelids.


#07 War

Goddess of war give me a sign
That you are with me


Valkyries, sing your battle cries
With each sword’s clash,
Each axe’s whistle and dash for life
Each shield’s sundering
All blend into your feasting song
That drive us to madness,
We shall not stop till this song fills our veins.


Isthar, dance your dance of blades
Lovely are your hips as you sway
Hunting men to sate your hunger
Lions roar in approval at your dance
Motion in stillness and stillness in movement
Each clash of the anklets, resounding
Cannons in the distance.


Morrigan, maiden of war,
Battle-crow, mother of havoc,
Lend me thy ear
Let me ask for your favour
On the fields that are my home
Let me rest here


I have the signs and I will be content


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