The publishing company is still getting the final touches to the poetry book but I thought that since i did promise a little preview of my work I’ll give one of poems here. Other than that thanks for the likes. I had a sinking feeling that no one was going to see my blog. Any ways, here’s the poem. By the way if you guys have any comments, I’m fine with it but please do remember I didn’t study creative writing or poetry writing from anywhere. So it won’t be that polished, erm what I guess I’m trying to say is go easy on me please. (nervous laughter)

The Dance
Am I born just to die?
Then dance with a sigh.
Please praise me with cheer,
The fox goes down a path winding.
A dash of blood is colour,
Travels I have done,
Songs I have sung,
Tales I have lived,
The blades vanish with a sigh.
Danced I have amidst the wild,
With none except lone trees and,
Willowy sage flowers.
Red is the brilliance of light,
Crimson is my cloth,
Made from the lives of the lost.
Are we born just to die?
No matter, I dance a dance,
Of swirling blades of crimson,
With soft sighs and a wan smile,
I go greet my destiny
Inevitably notwithstanding.


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