A Short tale

Hi there,

I know that I’ve been writing about my poetry book and raving about it (well, quite slowly I suppose), however, I write fiction primarily and poetry is a cathartic experience rather than my forte. So, I’ve uploaded a short story which I’ve written about say five to six years ago. I haven’t edited it much, so if there are any discrepancies let me know. Still, I hope that in reading this, you’ll be entertained because I write fantasy fiction and there aren’t many things that a good fantasy novel can’t banish away. The story below is a story of well, a drunken swordsman and a woman, there’s always a woman. (How I wanted to use that line in ages!) Anything more and the story would be spoiled. Well then go on click on the link

So get reading and please post your valuable comments below.
Blade of the drunken man




I’m proud to tell all of you who glanced at this site (yes, I realize that many would not have expected much from this almost anonymous blog) that my book is finally out.

Yeah, about the book, please go to amazon.com and search for “Dreaming at the Edge of reason”. i would be quite overjoyed if any of the readers goes to the pains to do because, well, it is my book. Also, for those of you who need to have a preview before buying the book, head over to google for a free preview of some of the poems and if any of the poems strikes you as something you all would like to read, please do try to obtain the whole book.

For those who want more information, I have nothing else to say but I would like it if everyone who sees this post thinks enough to simply click and find out if they like my work.

Wishing that you’d all like to read my workImage