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I’m proud to tell all of you who glanced at this site (yes, I realize that many would not have expected much from this almost anonymous blog) that my book is finally out.

Yeah, about the book, please go to amazon.com and search for “Dreaming at the Edge of reason”. i would be quite overjoyed if any of the readers goes to the pains to do because, well, it is my book. Also, for those of you who need to have a preview before buying the book, head over to google for a free preview of some of the poems and if any of the poems strikes you as something you all would like to read, please do try to obtain the whole book.

For those who want more information, I have nothing else to say but I would like it if everyone who sees this post thinks enough to simply click and find out if they like my work.

Wishing that you’d all like to read my workImage


Heya folks!


My name is Vishnu Aiyappan and I am an aspiring novelist/poet. My first publication will be out soon. The book is called ‘Dreaming at the edge of reason’ and it is a collection of poetry that I wrote over four long, hard years. hard because I had to juggle writing as a seriously time consuming hobby and studying to get my engineering degree. well, At least I managed to get something done quick. So I hope that most of you guys out there will see this post and think it might be worth your while to pick it up some time. By the way, I’ll be posting when the book finally launches on this site soon